Darshana TV Live

The programme mix encapsulate virtuousness, backed by advanced technology, form the tantalizing content array. Programs woven in the craft of Music reality shows, Entertaining events, Serials, Music albums etc come up in the entertainment avenue. The programs crafted as, Documentaries, docu-fiction, telefilms etc.

Program Listings


Ente Naadu Ente Ruchi


Designers Home



Ithu Ente Katha

Malabarinte Samaranayakar


Naranga Mitayi


Niyama Parichayam



Yaad na Jaaye



School Muttam


Talking Health

Real Hero




Akam Porul

37 Responses to Darshana TV Live

  1. nizarmohammed says:

    good value channel

    • THAHA says:

      I have happend to hear VEKTHIPARAM PROGRAM. in that PROGARM i hear one Gentelman Says One word ‘ETHAPAYAM’what is this.Which Dictionary can I see this . please.. help me. Realy sorry ABU ANSHAR PAPINASERY .

  2. shahithis says:

    The real informative malayalam channel.

  3. nizarmohammed says:

    vallivelicham,nivaranam good programs in friday

  4. nizarmohammed says:

    good haj class from pookkottur usthad

  5. sajeemmohammed says:

    thanks a lot…!! good quality only in Turbo TV

    All the best Darshana Tv. The real informative malayalam channal. Please check sound every time. some times low volume.

  6. sajeemmohammed says:

    Turbo…..itz really greate work…Appreciate… darshana Tv real informative malayalam channal

  7. nizarmohammed says:

    friday programs are good

  8. nizarmohammed says:

    please include live telecast programs in darshana tv

  9. THAHA says:

    telicasting quality is good. But progarm bad.please add more entertaiment programs.Othum class oka nalthu thana, kooduthal ayal chanl pootum,!!!!!!

  10. nizarmohammed says:

    good islamic programs in darshana tv

  11. nizarmohammed says:

    darshana t spreading good values in muslim point of view

  12. nizarmohammed says:

    informative interview with kerla haj committee chairman,thanks darshana tv team

  13. nizarmohammed says:

    waiting for live telecast of qabaradakkam of samastha president

  14. nizarmohammed says:

    give live telecast

  15. nizarmohammed says:

    thanks darshana tv team for your live telelcast,expecting live cast of important events of muslim community

  16. nizarmohammed says:

    good value programs in darshana tv

  17. nizarmohammed says:

    good haj programs

  18. nizarmohammed says:

    good work by turbo,good haj program in darshana tv

  19. HUSSAIN1 says:

    friday programs are execellent,include more islamic program

  20. HUSSAIN1 says:

    haj special program is very informative,good video,plz give live from saudi tv,free feed is available in several middle east satellites

  21. nizarmohammed says:

    nizami’s haj program is good

  22. HUSSAIN1 says:

    sofa samarpanam is good

  23. HUSSAIN1 says:

    eid programs in darshana tv is excellent

  24. salam123 says:

    good islamic programs in darshana tv

  25. shanavas says:

    best islamic value programs

  26. salam123 says:

    vakkum vathavum,program about league is revealing truth
    good explanation from firoz

  27. salam123 says:

    now showing in darshana tv,SAMASTHA NEW PRESIDENT INTERVIEW

  28. shanavas says:

    thanks darshana for the interview with samastha president

  29. shahulhammeed says:

    informative interview with koyakutty ustad

  30. anwarkannur says:

    burda reality show expecting

  31. yunnus says:

    interview with bahavudeen ,vice chancellor of darul huda is good

  32. nizarmohammed says:

    NABI DINAM program in oman is good,but the program name is BEST OF OMAN
    TELECAST NABI DINAM program in dubai also

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