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  1. Indian says:

    Dear Amin,

    Thanks for adding DD Channels, for Malaylam the sound is from Hindi, kindly fix the same.

    if possible please add DD sports too.

    is there a way to PM you when we notice anything like this?

    good luck

  2. nizarmohammed says:

    good work admin

  3. Lyjesh Pallath says:

    Thanks to Admin team for adding DD Malayalam channel.

  4. channel008 says:

    Dear admi thanks for add this channel hire in Malayalam have so many channel Kerman tv surya tv victress channel asianet plus , ameta tv so we will lock more channel you place ami add all Malayalam channel to your website

  5. channel008 says:

    admi this channel is not stuck all day but some times is just stop auto why could you place fix that

    • admin says:

      We are working on this, and should be rectified within 2 to 3 days.

      all the below channels most of the time have same video, so we are giving one of the channel only.

      1.Manorama News Central
      2.Manorama News North
      3.Manorama News South

      still under test mode and all of them have same signal / video

      7.Mathrubhumi News
      8.Mathrubhumi News Central
      9.Mathrubhumi News North
      10.Mathrubhumi News South

      Rest of the channels , we will try to add one by one over the time. Please standby.

  6. mannu says:

    hai ADMIN pls bring here Raj Music Malayalam


    Satellite : Insat 2E
    Angle : 83.00 East
    Frequency : 3960
    Symbol Rate : 6655
    FEC : 3/4
    Polarization : Vertical
    Mode : MPEG4

  7. latheeshcp says:

    Pls add Amrita TV(Malyalm)

  8. Jinas says:

    hi hi good good thanks

  9. vinithv says:

    Dear Admin,

    many thanks for DD Malayalam!

    It would be great if it possible, by any chance, to stream AIR Thiruvananthapuram on turbotv?


  10. ranish chandroth says:

    this channel program not interst please make good program

  11. moncy mathew says:

    respected admin, dd Malayalam is one of my favorite channel but now a days the play back sound of dd malayalam is diffrent from the picture. some time hindi sound comes in malayalam playback. for eg the picture is about malayalam but the sound come from other channel kindly please fix this problem as soon as possible thanks

  12. moncy mathew says:

    thank you so much admin now its working we appreciate your work thank you very much god bless

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