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  1. venkat1711 says:

    Dear Admin… I am happy see DD Podhigai included here… While DD Malayalam & Sapthagiri are playing properly, DD Podhigai doesn’t play at all.. Could you please make it work ??? I am eager to watch the programs..

  2. venkat1711 says:

    Thanks for your prompt action and making DD Podhigai work !

  3. Naga says:

    I too have the same complaint as Venkat1711.
    Though u hv confirmed that it is be ok in next 48 hours.
    It has not happened.
    Though it is slightly better, it is not yet upto the mark.
    Kind do something please.
    I am very much interested in seeing this channel in a much better way.
    Thanks a lot again.

  4. parasu says:

    On this International Women’s Day, your program on Spastic Society of India
    and its efforts in helping the children born with disabilities is really COMMENDABLE! This is the REAL DEDICATION. The women involved in these efforts should be highly appreciated.
    k parasuraman

  5. prruma says:

    I am a regular viewer of podigai T.V. in internet. But I find often there is no continous viewing,Is there any transmission problem?Being a Central Government channel this can be solved with in no time if authorities are interested

    • admin says:

      Actually this is a problem on our end, not the government, Some of the channels generally DD channels you see disconnect problems due to poor hardware on our side, there is so much we can do on our side for free service, so please bear with us until we source some funds.

  6. navymaddy says:

    What time will Thygaraja Aradhana Will be Telecast? Im from Malaysia!

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