Mediaone TV Live

MediaOne TV Live

Mediaone is the next phase of an experiment. It comes as the fulfillment of a long-left need just like Madhyamam daily. We are here to promote an alternative media culture that strengthens human values.

It is expected that Mediaone TV will bring about drastic changes in the broadcasting arena. Besides news and news-based programmes Mediaone TV will telecast value entertainment programmes as well. It will be the only family TV in Malayalam. The dynamic journalists of Mediaone TV, backed up by the legacy of Madhyamam, will ignite a new visual fiesta.

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  1. niyarvpm says:

    we are waiting for this channel…

  2. faisalbabu says:

    yes, we r realy waiting for this channel…

  3. Shajid says:

    Thanks for adding..

  4. ShabeerLubainaFella says:


  5. nizarmohammed says:

    jamaat islami supported channel,

    they are bold to reveal their identity,i appretiate it ,well done

    not like other channel which hide the back support

  6. shafeeq says:

    Another feather on the cap of “MADHYAMAM”. All the best for MEDIAONE TV.
    Thanks to TURBO TV for enlisting MEDIAONE TV.

  7. razaqe says:

    ” മിഡിയ വന്‍ ” മിഡിയയില്‍ഒന്നമാനാവട്ടെ……!
    എല്ലാ ആശംസകളും നേരുന്നു

  8. ansar panayikulam says:

    wow! great. eagerly waiting for the broadcasting

  9. thameemyousuf says:

    Much awaited… All the best “Team Mediaone”

  10. MohammedAliSheriff says:

    Thanks TurboTV for delivering this most awaited Malayalam channel to the people all over the world. We expect true stories in news as well as entertainments fit for family viewers as its elder brother Madhyamam does!
    Best Wishes to Madhyamam Communications!!

  11. ajas k muhammed says:

    Thanks to Turbotv for telecasting Media one(test transmission)…..And all the wishes to Media one team…..We are are waiting for you…..

  12. kmthaha says:

    we are awaiting to see media one tv transmission at he earliest.

  13. ali says:

    Welcome Media One TV, Wish you all the best……………
    And Thank you Madhyamam Team

  14. Tinu says:

    ” MEDIA ONE ” all the best

  15. ABUSHADA says:

    I hope this channel can fill the gap existign in the media field

    we are waiting for such a fmaily channel since very long time. hope the contents will be informative and useful.
    all the best
    zulfiqar – vaniyambalam

  16. mamshareef says:

    Thank you very much that include Mediaonetv that people of kerala waiting for
    its and we are waiting for original program

  17. yousufaliv says:

    Every Keraleeyan from Kerala and abroad is very eager and happy to see / experience the changes/values done on MediaOne to spread the light of more truth, exactly an historical step! Congratulations with kind prayers!

  18. jhapali says:

    this is nepali tone. media one also using the most popular “kutumba ” band tone. so i am very happy. i love nepal………….. and nepali music………………..

    this link is a “kutumba’s” tone

    keep it up media one. all the best

    nepali guys


  19. ABUSHADA says:

    i wish every success for Mediaone team

    zulfiqar vnb

  20. gafoortharayil says:

    very eagerly waiting for the full launch

  21. saifmtxerox says:

    thanks to Turbotv for telecasting Media one(test transmission)…..And all the wishes to Media one team…..We are are waiting for you

  22. mohiddin_k says:

    All the best to MeadiaOne TV and thank TurboTV for adding MediaOne

  23. nizarmohammed says:

    thanks turbo tv for providing this quality pictures

  24. REENA says:

    Something different this channel, so that they are test signal different . and i compare with other new channels they transmit only songs its very simple , but MediaONE transmit the real beauty of world ,i think that media one different one

  25. karaheemali says:


    Please if you possible Broadcast the CHILDREN’s Channels like Cartoons & Moral Stories……………..
    Wish you all the best for you team
    Best Site I like and promote you

  26. nazil.najah says:

    the most awaited channel in history of kerala..all the best…

  27. navasjamal says:

    ” MEDIA ONE ” all the best
    tnx TURBO TV

  28. khaleel says:

    expecting mediaone tv will also be a turning point in visual media like ..Madyamam. thanks for turbo tv

  29. aju982007 says:


  30. HUSSAIN1 says:

    jamet eslami chanel

  31. mansuklari says:

    thank u turbo tv for adding this great channel ‘media one tv’.
    really we are awaitig this channel.

  32. nazil.najah says:

    best effort….

  33. abdurahmanthayat says:

    thanks turbo adding “media one” TV channel I am really very interested this channel

  34. faiz says:

    very Excited to see the upcoming of new channel at the right time .. We need this Change

  35. saja says:

    all the best and waiting for media one channel…..

  36. ajmalhusi says:

    Be the One among those who tells trueth

  37. rasheedpoolakkodan says:

    Thanks to Turbotv for telecasting Media one(test transmission)…..And all the wishes to Media one team…..We are waiting for you. Media One will be a turning point in visual media.

  38. rasheedvpmoonakkal says:

    all the best for Media One tv, we are expecting launching.

  39. HUSSAIN1 says:

    MEDIA one TV is a JAMAAT ISLAMI channel which will start regular transmission on 10th february 2013

  40. Reshma says:

    All the best …
    keep it…..
    When it official launch ..?

  41. NA AbdulKareem says:

    The most awaited media in India to bring out the truth of social and political hidden conspirancies, and Iam confident millions will suport and pray for them. We hope that MEDIA ONE will fulfill and exceed public expectation and bring out most educational and prirituals programs than time killing youth and valuable time of the society, and create better society for today and for the generations by means acceptable and rewarding programs. I wish all the very best for Media One and its entire team espcially those who worked hard and prayed day and night for making this to happend. Best regards Addul Kareem nadumthayath- from Muscat

  42. ummu shariq says:

    The most awaited day has come!heartfelt wishes and prayers for the Mediaone team…Thanx 2 Turbotv for telecasting the Mediaone channel.

  43. Greenhouse says:

    A dream becomes true.. “Alhamdulillah”. Madhyamam publication proved their capacity in the daily news paper. Hope they will shine in television,I wish the MediaOne & team for the endeavor success.

  44. salimvazhakkad says:

    much awaited channel..all the best..let us hope for a new era of media activism.

  45. irshadcm says:

    awesome launching… you Team Mediaone deserve great applause…expecting more…Thanks TurboTV for bringing Mediaone to us…

  46. poyil says:

    Where I can get program schedule

  47. razaqe says:

    you can check any time full program schedule go this link

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