Shalom TV Live

Shalom TV Live

10 Responses to Shalom TV Live

  1. Mathew says:

    thanks for adding shalom tv

  2. abel says:

    Thankyou Shalom TV for coming to us

  3. bijuca says:

    thanks for adding shalome

  4. varghesepp says:

    Its nice to see the shalom tv online.I pray that God may bless more and more Shalom team.

  5. varghesepp says:

    I am really thankful to shalom tv for uploading syromalabar kurbana.We are not so lucky to attend syro-malabar kurbana at st marys church dubai.We have lot of malayali fathers here.But no importance for syro- malabar kurbana.Shalom team may takeup this matter with cardinal George Alenchery.

  6. philipse says:

    Thank you Turbo T.V, thank you very much for adding Shalom T.V.

  7. ajuramjith says:

    Thank you very much for adding shalom tv

    Ajuramjith Malaysia

  8. josephenchikal says:

    thank god for shalom t v , it made more convenient for watching programs through net at our computer

  9. george joy shalomill says:

    shalom tv’s wonderful live coverages & transmission of all programs is a true blessing for all people like me working in gulf countries. Thank you lord, Thank you SHALOM TV

  10. mgrilly says:

    Thank you shalom for adding

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